Register tape advertising puts you directly into the hands of potential customers by using custom-designed, four-color coupons printed on the back of receipts in supermarket cash registers.


Shopping cart advertising places your business in front of your potential customers for almost an hour twice a week, providing you with repeat exposure unattainable in any other advertising medium.


The fastest and most cost effective means of online coupon distribution. By partnering with the finest brands and best local shops, we provide customers with exceptional deals and promos.

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My Animal Hospital has been advertising using Register Tape Network coupons for the past few weeks. We have about five customers who have already called us requesting appointments. All of them are new clients.The Animal Hospital of Lake Mary

Register Tape Network has really helped to build my business. The coupons on the back of Stop & Shop's register tape has driven a lot ofnew business into my fitness center. Almost daily, a grocery shopper brings a coupon in or calls to inquire. This means of advertising has beenCurves for Women

38% of my business comes from these Register Tape Network coupons, it creates a lot of volume. This is the only advertising we do for this location.Blue Planet Car Wash

We have been advertising with RTN for years and have continuously received a big draw from the clientele of the supermarkets. It is just expected these days to find great deals on the back of receipts; everybody knows they're there and that's why the coupons work!Automall Prowash

I've been using your service for many years. I'm very satisfied with your performance. The coupons have been very successful.Chicago Pizza Express

We have been with you now in 10-12 markets for over 17 years. How are redemptions? How about 100 per day. More than Val Pak and Pennysaver combined . Thanks. Keep it up.Anaheim Hills Car Wash & Lube

Dairy Queen has been advertising with constructive 3 years, we see on an average 50-60 coupons per week.Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

Rancheros Fresh Grill has now renewed 4 times in 3 different grocery stores and seeing an average of 5-10 coupons per day at each of our restaurants.Luke of Rancheros Fresh Grill

I’ve been on the program going on six months and we are receiving about 20 coupons a day. Before going on the program, I was very unsure if it would work. I even called our Corporate Marketing Manager and after speaking with her, she gave great feedback about other BeefJulie Slayter of Beef O Brady’s

The New Green Tea Buffet has been on the Register Tape program for a little over 3 months. We’re averaging 100 coupons back per month.Candy Chen of New Green Tea Buffet

Advertising Since: 4-5 years How would you rate the response? GREAT. How does RTN compare to other forms of advertising? BETTER. Do you plan to use RTN in the future? YESDomino’s Pizza of Knight Ave Waycross, GA

I have been doing service with Register Tape Network for the last year and a half and have been very pleased with the response in the community. Thank you.Tammy K. Ziegler of Ziegler Agency